Property and Evidence

What should I do if my personal property has been stolen?

You should file a report as soon as possible if your property is lost or stolen.  Include all items’ serial numbers or owner-applied numbers in the report, if you have them. Items lost or stolen reported with serial numbers are more likely to be returned to their owners. We encourage property owners to also check the Lost and Found page at Iowa State University.  

How do I retrieve property that was taken as evidence?

All property taken by the ISU Police as evidence or stolen property is held until destruction or release is ordered by the Story County Attorney’s office.  You must present a government-issued photo ID.

If the Iowa State University Police Department is in possession of property you’d like to claim, a scheduled appointment is necessary. To make an appointment for property release, please e-mail an evidence custodian at or call 515-294-4428.


If you have questions about your property that is in our possession, please e-mail an evidence custodian at or call 515-294-4428. Property will not be released without a government-issued photo ID or other arrangements made in advance with an evidence custodian.