Community Outreach

Residence Hall Liaisons

The residence hall liaison program was created in conjunction with the Department of Residence (DoR) to increase communication between students, DoR staff, and ISU Police.  Every residence hall on the Iowa State University campus has an ISU police officer assigned to it as a liaison officer.  The liaison officer is responsible for providing training on subjects such as alcohol awareness, sexual assault response, defensive tactics, and criminal law to the residents and staff of their respective buildings. 

Liaison officers frequently attend floor meetings to address questions and concerns and regularly visit those buildings in order to develop positive relationships with residents and staff.  It is through this partnership along with open and honest communication that ISU Police strives to support a safe and friendly atmosphere for our students and staff to learn, live, and work.

  Residence Halls   Contact
  Friley, Helser, Eaton, Martin  Kami Feld
  Buchanan, Geoffroy  Allison Bell, Natasha Greene
  Barton, Freeman, Lyon, Birch, Welch,        Roberts, Oak-Elm, Linden  Kaitlyn Boor, Jessica Spada
  Maple, Willow, Larch  Natasha Greene
  Wallace, Wilson  Natasha Greene
  Frederiksen Court, SUV  Natasha Greene, Karime Massaro


To learn more or contact a residence hall liaison, contact