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Threat Assessment

What Is Threat Assessment?

The ISU Police threat assessment process is designed to identify individuals of concern, investigate individuals and situations that have come to attention of others, and assess the information gathered.  If necessary, manage individuals and/or the situations to reduce any potential threat that may be posed.

The Process of Threat Management

  • Early identification of individuals at risk
  • Centralized reporting to ISU Police through Threat Assessment and Management Coordinator
  • Initial threat assessment
  • Review by Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) if meets severity and/or complexity criteria
  • Implement threat management plan
  • Monitor and re-evaluate plan to effect safety
  • Refer and follow-up as appropriate

Threat Management Process:  Assessment Guidelines

  • Consideration of multiple behavior and contextual factors
  • Avoid reliance on single factors
  • Utilize multiple collateral data sources (first-hand knowledge, credible sources, etc)
  • Assess impact of investigative process
  • Fact based and specific to the incident
  • Focus on behavior over traits
  • Focus on understanding of context
  • Examine progression of behavior over time
  • Focus on prevention and not prediction


Carrie Jacobs
Assistant Chief
Phone: 515.294.9848
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