What happens when I call 911?

Dialing 911 from a land-line phone (including pay phones) will automatically route your phone call to the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction where the phone call originated. Dialing 911 from a campus phone will route your call to the ISU Police Dispatch Center, which has direct phone and radio contact with all local emergency response units, including ISU police officers, the fire department, and ambulance services.

When you place a 911 call from your cellular phone, your call may be routed to the State Patrol Communications Center in Des Moines. Therefore, you need to be prepared to inform the state patrol dispatcher of your exact location and that you need to be connected to ISU Police. You will be told your call is being transferred. DO NOT HANG UP THE PHONE. There will be a slight delay in the phone transfer; you will not hear a ring. Stay on the line until the dispatcher answers.

You may also call ISU Police directly on your cell phone at (515) 294-4428. Stay on the line until the dispatcher obtains all information needed to assist you.

When you call 911 or 294-4428, ISU police dispatch personnel will answer your call. The dispatcher will ask you a series of questions to determine if the call requires an emergency response. If an emergency response is required, you will be asked to wait on the line while an officer is dispatched to your location.

If an emergency response is not required, an officer will be sent to meet with you as soon as possible.