The Iowa State University Police Department employs one police communications coordinator, three full time dispatchers and 7 part-time student dispatchers.  These dispatchers are assigned to provide 24 ­hour emergency services via phone, radio, monitoring fire, environment, security and personal safety alarms for the University Community.

Job Description

The position of Police Dispatcher is one that entails great responsibility and reliability by the applicant due to the nature of the duties a dispatcher must perform.  Police dispatchers provide communications of a public safety nature for university police and other departments as well as surrounding law enforcement agencies and emergency response agencies utilizing multi-frequency radio, teletype, telephone, TDD, and personal contact. This includes answering 911 and administration phone lines, determining the nature and location of the call or emergency; determining priorities, and dispatching police, fire, EMS, or Parking as necessary in accordance with established procedures, all the while documenting everything in CAD (computer aided dispatch) system.

If you have any questions or comments, call us at ISU Police Dispatch (515) 294-4428 or e-mail us at:   carlsonm@iastate.edu