CSA Crime Report Form Instructions


If more than one crime is reported to you, it is important to fill out a CSA Crime Report Form for each crime reported. This Crime Report Form assists Iowa State University in complying with the federal Clery Act. It should be completed by you since you have been identified as a CSA who has the responsibility to report to ISU Police any crimes reported to you as soon as possible after you receive the information.

  • a. As an identified CSA, you must provide your name, phone number, e-mail address and the date this Crime Report Form is completed by you.

1. WHO?

  • a. Indicate who made the report to you and obtain the Reporting Person's phone number and e-mail address, if the Reporting Person will provide it.
  • b. It is very helpful to determine whether the Reporting Person is the Victim, the accused, a witness or otherwise related to the crime that is being reported.
  • c. A Victim or Reporting Person can remain anonymous, and you should not pressure them to contact law enforcement if they choose not to. However, a Crime Report Form must still be completed for Clery Act compliance purposes.
  • d. If the name of the accused offender is revealed to you, you must provide that information and any other information you learn about the accused offender that will assist ISU Police in investigating the crime.
  • e. Is there evidence the Victim had a prior relationship with the accused? Indicate the type of relationship you believe exists and any information you have to support this conclusion.
  • f. To assist ISU Police in an investigation of the crime, please provide names and contact information for any witnesses.
  • g. and h. To avoid double counting or misinformation regarding crime statistics, please indicate if you believe this crime may have been reported to ISU Police or another CSA. Even if you believe this incident has already been reported, that does not eliminate your responsibility to complete this Crime Report Form as well.

2. WHEN?

  • a. Indicate approximately when the incident occurred according to the information you receive from the Reporting Person.

3. WHAT?

  • a. and b. Using the information provided on LINK to ISU Web page about the Clery Act crimes, indicate which crime(s) you believe occurred. If you are unsure, this information can be discussed with the ISU Police when you submit this Crime Report Form. Please be sure to provide enough details in the description of the incident below to allow ISU Police to determine the classification. Do not worry about making the correct classification. That classification is ultimately the responsibility of ISU Police.

4. HOW?

  • a. Provide a description of the incident in as much detail as you can. Please be sure the details support the classification listed above as best you can.
  • b. and c. Is there evidence to indicate this was a Hate Crime? Refer to the various types of hate crimes on the LINK to ISU Web Page if you believe the incident was motivated by a bias the accused has towards the Victim.



  • a. Contact ISU Police immediately to relay the report of a crime and guidance on any next steps you need to take. Remember, it is up to the Victim if they want to file a police report, and you should not pressure them to do so.
  • b. If the Victim does want to file a police report, please assist them in making this contact.
  • c. If the Victim does not want to file a police report, but is interested in other Victim services, she or he should be referred to ISU Police and/or ISU Student Assistance Office which will provide information about available Victim support. These resources can also be found in Safety and You (LINK)-the ISU Annual Security Report. If the crime reported involves sexual misconduct, the Victim should also be referred to the LINK to Sexual Misconduct web page for information.