Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol Team Mission Statement

Bicycle Patrol is an alternate form of policing for law enforcement officials that utilizes basic bike riding skills in conjunction with specialized tactics that are specific to police operations. 

The benefits of bike patrol are:

  • Officers maintain their physical fitness while performing their duties.
  • Officers are more visible to and approachable by the campus community.
  • Bikes can go where cars cannot.
  • Bikes are environmentally friendly and cost little to maintain.

Twelve of ISU's state-certified law enforcement professionals have gone through extensive training and currently participate in the campus bike patrol program. They are easily identified by their black and white uniform shirts and black shorts or pants. Students, faculty, staff and visitors can expect to see them whenever the weather permits and at major campus events such as home football games and Veishea. To learn more about this program,

Officer Nick Grossman
ISU Police Bicycle Patrol Coordinator
Office: (515) 294-4428