Recognizing and Reporting Disruptive Behavior (RRDB)

Presented by the ISUPD Threat Assessment and Management (TAM) Unit

This training is sometimes referred to as a precursor to VIRT, in that the warning signs or “red flags” observed can help to mitigate the tragedies that have become all too common in this day and age. The presentation is delivered via PowerPoint, and the length depends largely on audience interaction and participation.  Many of the principles taught during VIRT are touched on with this presentation as well, but RRDB will deal more with creating awareness as well as ways to mitigate acts of violence from happening before the onset of the problem(s) become too unmanageable. Proactive approaches are stressed over reactive ones. Just like in VIRT, information is the best weapon against violence. Information provides knowledge, which provides options for survival during a crisis. There are many reactions possible during these types of violent incidents. The only bad reaction is no reaction at all.

Since past behavior often predicts future behavior, some case studies will be examined as part of the presentation. There is, however; no such thing as the perfect response to violent acts. Don’t try to make sense out of something that is senseless. The best thing that can be done is to adapt a flexible psyche and be willing to do whatever it takes to survive a violent encounter. The presentation is not overly-rooted on statistics. Statistics can be important when studying trends, but they also tend to make people too narrow-sighted as they can remove the human element from the equation. Instead it is recommended the focus be placed on potential, not statistics.

Scheduling RRDB

RRDB is offered at the request of a department or group on campus. For scheduling and additional information, please contact Deputy Chief Carrie Jacobs at (515) 294-9848.